Mag Wheel Refinishing

Powder-coating is the best way to make your wheels your own. With thousands of colors and textures to choose from, your wheels will stand out in a crowd.

Ceramic Coating Exhaust Components

Coating Exhaust components with ceramic coatings make them look better and last longer.

Industrial and Commercial items

We can coat all kinds of parts and products, for any type of application.

ADN Powder Coating Services

ADN Powdercoat specializes in powder coating, sandblasting and ceramic coatings. We have been in the paint, powder coating and ceramic coating business for over 20 years. ADN is proud to be recognized in the market for our high quality powder coating and ceramic coating services. We also provide sandblasting and part stripping services in order to prep your items. After the powder coating process, we bake your newly powder coated items in our 8 ft by 10 ft oven.

Not all Custom coating shops are created equal but we’ve been around for a while and our works speaks for itself. Before choosing your coater (painter) visit our shop and showroom and take a look at some of our sample parts and our vast selection of colours.

What can be Powder Coated?

Many people don’t realize the wide range of items that can take advantage of powder coating’s unique benefits. We have experience in powder coating mag wheels, rims, motorcycle frames, BMX bicycles, headers, exhaust systems, turbos, metal furniture, patio furniture, metal fences, lighting fixtures, appliances, Ski-Doo parts, ATV frames & parts, industrial parts and more.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating uses electrically charged and finely ground pigments and resins that adhere to your part’s surface. The part is then heated in a curing oven, which bonds the powder to its grounded surface to produce a smooth, even finish. You’re left with a beautiful, uniform coating that looks like paint but is more durable.

Powder coating is a completely dry finishing technique used on thousands of metal items. Powder coating is often used in the auto parts and marine parts industries. Architects and designers also look to powder coating companies to achieve quality finishing and take advantage of vast color choices.

Why should you choose Powder Coating vs. Painting?

Powder coating is ecologically friendly and gives your items a uniform coating that looks like paint but is more durable and has a long-lasting finish without the use of toxins or aerosols.

Ceramic Coating for Exhaust and Turbos

Get the most out of your vehicle by keeping under hood temps down!


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